Journey to Art

Art journeys-in particular, this human’s art journey-are a good example of the path being the goal.

I have enjoyed the journey as much as I’ve enjoyed the few beautiful pieces of work Ive created. The path I’m taking in my journey is equally important and in most cases, more important, than the end result.

To be honest, the end result is usually shit!
And that’s OK! I AM getting better. But I have way more fun and gain so much more from my mistakes than I have from the finished project. The finished project gets bragged about for a few seconds then is shoved onto a shelf in my studio to gather dust.

My mistakes teach me about being kind to myself and others, being patient, being brave and a host of many more.
By allowing my art journey to be, as it is, and not getting too hung up on the end result, I am allowing for a safe place in which more creativity may grow, Which in turns leads to more progress and all that jazz.

Plus, here;s something to remember, just doing art, the simple act of being in flow and creating, something….anything! Has been proven by multiple scientific studies to have a profound, positive effect on the body and mind. We all like to have a finished project, we are a performance based society but art and creating and just … matter how it turns out, is good for us! Why ruin that with our perfectionism?
For years I could be heard saying “I’m not an artist” I finally graduated to “I have an artist inside of me but no skill..”…and then I met a potter who during the course of a very interesting conversation about filling one’s home with home-made objects de beauty, encouraged me.
“That was me!” she exclaimed with great excitement. “You just haven’t found your medium yet. I tried all sorts of different things until I found this and now its my thing. Keep going. You’ll find yours too”
What a gift! Her words fanned my wee spark into a flame that’s taken me from appreciating art and whining and complaining that I don’t have any talent, to at least trying to make my own art!
Last year, I went to a Paint Night with a friend. It was during the worst of my big marriage blow up and I was one anxious mess. Anxious about my husband, our marriage. And anxious about the painting!

What business did I have being there. I am not an artist! But the moment I put my brush to canvass in that safe place, I found myself focussing on something other than my troubles. I was able to relax and just be. And its like that every time I paint.

My very first finished painting.

Is painting my thing? I don’t know! I’m not sure I’ve found my thing. But you know what? I don’t even think it matters. What matters is the calm and the peace and the flow and the positive benefits of creating. Of being brave. Of being kind. What matters is the progression of my art, my walk along the path and the things I learn along the way.

Do you have an artist inside of you too? Is your inner artist struggling to come out and be seen and heard? I invite you to join me on this journey. I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, inspiration and most importantly encouragement as I move through mine. It’ll be fun!


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