Number Nine

In six months, nine people I know, have known, or knew of,have died . I’m done being shocked by these deaths, but I’m always, always, always grateful for the reminder that one day its going to be someone closer to me.

One day its going to be me.

Death number nine was especially unexpected and confusing. A young, healthy, stable, upstanding human with a good job in a high position, with a young family, died suddenly of a heart attack. The person was only in their late 30s! Then the details start to be revealed and we find out said person had recently purchased a shit load of an illegal drug and either died by accident or on purpose. Ah, suddenly the picture gets clearer. Either way, it’s a shitty thing for this person’s family to through.

The peculiar thing is that I do believe this person was the person who first introduced my kid to cocaine. This person is also the same person who then tried to help him get stabilized and clean. Weird. And weirder still that my kid is still alive, while this person is dead. You just never, ever know how a situation is going to turn out. Sure we can make an educated guess but uncertainty is still the ruler of the day.

Did you know that cocaine is considered a “light” drug, here in Edmonton.  Say whaaaaat?! I know right?  This is a real thing! It blows my mind! When I was growing up, cocaine use was something associated with models, Hollywood and rock stars, not a “light” drug used alongside weed, in fucking Edmonton Alberta. I swear, the whole world has gone mad.

Be kind. Love one another. Take care of yourself.

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