Happy Lune!

What’s Lune?

Why I’m so glad you asked!

Lune is a month-long celebration of all things awesome. All things me!

Allow me to explain.

The day of my birth lies somewhere within the best month of the year.

One year, I don’t know…I think I just felt like I needed a boost…I decided to celebrate my birthday for an entire month instead of just one day and as such, renamed the month after me. Ms. L + June = Lune.

Its simple math, really.

So not only did I name an entire month after myself, I also give myself a present every day AND try as best as I can to make every day a party.

Yesterday I gave myself a roller bottle of aromatherapy oils and today’s gift is-hang on. Let me go grab something out of my bag- Oooh, a pretty bottle of rose-coloured nail polish.

I’ve been doing this for seven years and my friends now wish me “Happy Lune!” instead of Happy Birthday, ha ha ha. I don’t think any of them celebrate their own months as such but that’s really my fondest wish. I want EVERYONE to rename their birthday months and celebrate it as they see fit.

Because you see, YOU are AWESOME! You are a gift. Being alive is a gift. Sure, one day to celebrate yourself is nice, but 28,29,30 and 31 days are better and frankly much more appropriate when one considers how many days there are in a year. You deserve to celebrate yourself. It’s not selfish. It is an act of self-love.

What special birthday traditions do you partake in?

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