Life Goals

Well, that’s done. Four years of learning and growing out-of-the-way. Today was my last day at work and you know, it was just lovely.

My co workers treated me with such love and kindness, there were lots of tears and I’ve left knowing I am appreciated, respected and loved.

It may have been a stressful, toxic place to work but it definitely wasn’t because of them.

I am blessed. This is true.

So, what the hell am I going to do with my life now?

I’m going back to being a Lady of Leisure, me thinks! At least until I figure out what kind of empire I’m going to build next. I’m still not sure what that will entail.

I’m going to have my grandson of course and there is talk of me homeschooling kids in other families but neither of those things are really set in stone.

I do, however have a list of things I want to accomplish during this time.

Introducing…Life Goals!

  1. Learn how to pull noodles. Both ways. (Well, both ways that I know. I’m sure there are more than two ways to do such a thing, I know of but two)
  2. Make a shank out of a toothbrush. You know, in case I need to know how to make a shank one day.
  3. Make a fairy house.
  4. Make a crepe cake.
  5. Make my famous mac n cheese with five different cheeses instead of just one. I know right? Rebel!
  6. Make sourdough starter and don’t kill it.
  7. Attack this house and do all the little things I’ve been putting off for four years, like hang my art and mop the kitchen floor, ha!

It’s a short list but that’s ok. Who knows how much time I’ll have to do any of these things. I can always add to them as I tick things off.

I’m done with having typical, grandiose ideas. Those come to me so easily. I’m the kind of person who has many interests and I never seem to get anything done because I’m too busy with the “big things” that I forget about the little ones. I’m still not really a grown up. I have no idea what I want to do or be when I grown up. I want to be ALL the THINGS! I want to try ALL the THINGS. So this is where I’m gonna start, with this small list of things that interest me at the moment. We’ll see what happens from here!

One thought on “Life Goals

  1. I bumped into an former retired colleague at someone else’s retirement. He was asked if he had hired on with anybody else yet and he emphatically said…NFW! He did advise that he set a goal for each day and that some days that was only to read the Globe and Mail and on some days he did not complete this task, but he was OK with that. Given he was a workaholic before retirement, this took me by surprise, but I wanted to be just like him when I retired. He recently passed away at 67, but he did know how to do retirement right, before that. I am opting to continue on setting simple goals beyond age 67.

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