One Hot Mess

I’m slowly in the process of getting my yard and garden set to rights. It’s so exciting! I love this time of year. The whole thing is a hot mess right now but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: My garden is ALWAYS a hot mess!

I let the dandelions grow and feed the bees. I don’t always keep up on my weeding. I let “weed” trees grow where they like, sometimes neglecting to cut them down them until it’s too late and they become impossible to remove. I just  weed wack the grass growing up in between the patio stones instead of using weed killer, I leave the ants to nest wherever they want, in the front walkway, in my raised beds. I use old straw as mulch, we hardly ever mow the lawn and when we do, we leave the clippings where they fall.

The neighbours must love us, huh? Ha.

I don’t know, I’d like to have a place that looks neat and tidy. Put together. I see yards that are just gorgeous on my neighborhood walks and I always admire them. But I just don’t have it in me to put in the time and energy to do such a thing. My hot mess takes up enough time and energy as it is! Besides, I really like the wildness of the place. When it gets going, my yard is full, lush and teaming with life. Birds nest in the weed trees, bunnies sneak in past the dogs and steal veggies, Bumble bees burrow in my lilac bushes.

It’s amazing to me how the plants and bugs and all the critters survive our brutal Edmonton winters. Spring comes and the beings themselves spring to life with such a vengeance. I can’t bear to alter that too much.

This season there will hopefully be some yard improvements better walking paths, privacy screening, a patio, new front steps – but I know in my heart of hearts, this yard is going to continue being the lush and wild hot mess it always is.



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