Toot Your Own Horn.

As an emerging artist, I make a lot of things I do not like.

I haven’t developed a lot of skill or honed in on my taste, my thing if you will and that’s OK!

I’m still learning, experimenting, moving forward toward something consistently beautiful and unique to me. It’s all part of the process.

Here’s the thing: It’s easy to talk shit about the work I don’t like. We all do that, don’t we? “Oh look at me. Look at how bad this is. I am an awful, terrible, human being. ” Whine, whine, whine!

How boring. Hating on oneself is lame. Everybody does it, it serves no good purpose and frankly I’m tired of living in a society that rewards people for hating themselves under the guise of being humble. We actually punish people who like themselves and the work they produce! So socially it pays to criticize ones self and ones endeavours. Fuck that! I am done with that nonsense.

Whats hard, is to talk about and showcase the stuff we do like! But we need to do this. It’s so important to our growth as artists to see our progression and feel pride in our accomplishments. To be able to look back and see that our “stick with it-ness” was worth something in the end. Especially when that something is a feeling that we can stick in our jars of self-worth, never mind a tangible thing we can hang on our walls.

I will toot my own horn because the toot of my own horn is the only toot that matters!

Please, toot yours too!





3 thoughts on “Toot Your Own Horn.

  1. I recall when I first heard the phrase Toot your own horn. It was at work and my boss was telling us it was our responsibility to point out our achievements, rather than expecting others (ie: bosses) to notice. As a quiet unassuming guy, this was hard for me. But, I soon learned and my new motto became…If you want to know how good I am, just ask me. I know, it was all tongue in cheek, but, sometimes, we sell ourselves short. We shouldn’t because then we won’t even try. Good on you for putting your art out there. And toot away. I quite like them.

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    1. I love your motto! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. I’m happy that you learned to showcase your achievements too. It IS hard, especially for us quiet types. I’m always afraid people will think less of me but I’m getting better as I age.
      And thank you for your kind words!

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