A funny thing happened while I was in Vegas…

On the morning the Hubs and I are off on an airplane , my daughter goes into labour with her first child, and our second grandchild.

She sends me a text ~I’m in active labour~

Yeah ok. Whatevs.

Now, she’s the one watching our pets and house but eh, I’m not worried. I figure first babies take FOREVER so I’m pretty confident she’ll be uncomfortable for a few days but nowhere near ready to give birth until maybe the time we get home. Besides, I`m supposed to be there!


Let us laugh at my thought process.

Really? REALLY? I`m so sure that this kid is just going to magically wait until I come home, just so I can be there? Yeah ok. THAT there, is some magical thinking.

No. Lets be honest. That is some fucked thinking.

Second, who am I to divine that her labour is going to be like mine was, long and …well, laborious?! Some people have short labours but not in my world apparently and especially not when I`m not there. Can we say denial?

That girl of mine, laboured in my house, with my two cats and two dogs, watching movies, eating chocolate and having baths.

At 1130 pm, her boyfriend called the ambulance and she was whisked away to the hospital, lights flashing, sirens calling.

OV was born an hour and a half later.


I enjoyed the heck out of my trip but oh wow was it ever hard to stay put and live in the moment knowing I had a delicious new grandchild waiting for me! It was very hard to give him back once I got my hands on him. He’s doing really well and I can’t wait to enjoy this new little bean, the way I enjoy my granddaughter. Grandkids are waaay cooler then regular kids, that’s for sure!

I just love the lessons here too. When we booked our trip, we were certain our daughter wouldn’t go into labour until March. Ha! Boy were we ever wrong! I just love that. Life is so uncertain. You never know what`s going to happen!


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