Las Vegas-2018

I went to Las Vegas!

For the first time, in late February of this year.

My Man, in an unexpected act of “why the fuck not!” agreed to attend a time share presentation exchange for four nights free, in a hotel on the strip.

This is so unlike him. So unlike us! But I went along anyway. If he was going to be fearless and step out of his comfort zone, I would too!

I try to have zero expectations when I do new things but of course one cant help but hear things about Vegas and so in the very, very, VERY back of my mind I was half expecting a wild and crazy, hedonistic place that would annoy me and trigger all my anxieties the second I stepped off the place. I stashed that thought away and just went with an open heart.

In the end, the one thing that stands out in my mind the most about our trip is just how damn nice people were! Sincere and genuine. I got the sense that when people asked how you were doing, they really gave a shit about the answer and NOT just because they were trying to sell you something or because it was in their job description. People were real and open and friendly. And I fell straight in love with ALL THE HUMANS. I really did. The people I met, blew me away with their loveliness. I can’t wait to go back.

We didn’t get much done because a. there is so much to do! b. we drove to the Grand Canyon on day two. c. our travel/life style is pretty relaxed as it is so when we did do stuff, we really took our time and enjoyed it. Yet we were still GOGOGO, non-stop and it was awesome!

And yes, there were times when I was annoyed and triggered. And there were times I saw things that made me roll my eyes and question humanity but not more than any other time, anywhere else. It got me thinking about how your experience is exactly that: your experience! It’s what you make of it. I went there with the intention to have an open mind and open heart and saw things as they were, not as I imagined or feared they would be.

I am grateful for the lesson.

Airport selfies and our sick ride! The hamster car, a Kia Soul. That thing was cool, zippy and responsive. I loved it, oddly enough.


We got in so early, so we went to Red Rock Canyon and hung out there for a bit. I fell in love! That place is so interesting. I can`t wait to come back and give it the attention it deserves. We hit the outlet malls too and that was a thing. We were a. tired from hiking and flying and getting up early. b. not really shoppers! But it was an interesting experience nonetheless.  Upon checking into our room we were treated to that awesome cart of deliciousness by the hotel. I drank most of that bottle of champagne, ha! And the yums became our dinner before we hit the strip. We walked the entire thing from end to end! It was cool, lots to see.

We woke up the next morning and drove to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! It was an easy drive, about 4.5 hours to the south rim. I cried when I saw it. Cried, cried, cried! And immediately made plans to go back and get my ass down inside it. It’s a bucket list kind of place. I`m so glad we went! It was only for a few hours but it evoked in me a greater curiosity about it and inspired a new trip in the future. I do have photos but they were taken on my phone and are meh. I refuse to post something that doesn’t do the place justice. Just wait til I go back with my good gear…


I found these suckers in a gas station and am ruined for chips forever now. Where have they been all my life? Oh yes, that`s right. In the US. Far away from me.

We came back from our road trip,freshened up and hit the casino in our hotel. It was pretty fun. I won jack shit but Hubs won 107 bucks on a penny slot! The smoke drove us out before too long so we crawled into bed, eager to enjoy our last full day in the morn.

We ate breakfast at the buffet in our hotel where I had three plates of food like a good buffet go-er:


That doughnut was incredible! I dream about that doughnut…I should have just had ten of them. Anyway, it was all perfectly good. We went to see the Welcome sign…20180222_101449

Then went to the Bellagio…


and walked through their conservatory, where they were all dolled up for Chinese New Year. Then we hit The Flamingo:

And poked around their wildlife habitat.

Then went to our time share presentation, had dinner out at the Wildfire Inn and went back to gamble for a bit before heading back to sleep and pack for home!

See? Whirlwind!

Some tips and observations:

Rent a fucking car if you need to. I know people tell you not to, but seriously…I don’t know why! We had no trouble with parking, it wasn’t all that expensive and it was plentiful when we were there. There was never an issue. It gave us freedom to get out and do other things. Our trip would have been horrible without it. The traffic was not that bad…just do it.

The casinos are smokey as hell! If you are a fellow Canadian and are not used to being amongst smokers, this is going to annoy and bother you. How did we ever all live like that before?

Tip your waitress in the casinos. If only to get the same burst of appreciation that we got from ours.

We stayed at The Stratosphere and everywhere we went people were shitting on that place. I couldn’t see why. It was an average hotel. We were treated well. Our room was clean and things were well cared for. The area it stands in is no better or worse than any other part of the strip, the clientage and loiterers all looked the same to me…make your own assessments based on your own experiences. We had no issues and if you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay, this is a decent choice.

Next time we plan to stay at The Flamingo, to be more central and for nostalgia’s sake …but there was nothing wrong with the Stratosphere, save maybe for the fact that it’s the last hotel on the strip. Put your walking shoes on and go! Have fun!





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