2018 Intentions/Resolutions/Whatever the hell you call them-Check In!

Soooo, we’re in March now! How are ya doing with any resolutions you made or intentions you set?

If you’re like me, you’re rockin’ some of them and suckin’ at the rest!

Or maybe you’ve just given up on them entirely.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that it’s all ok. Don’t be unkind to yourself! See what’s doing, readjust and try again. We’re just over sixty days in, right?

That means if you have been mostly consistent, you’re going to start to see small changes/results and if you haven’t, you’ve still got NINE and a HALF whole MONTHS to be successful!

consistency is really the key, not perfection.

Fuck perfection.

Lets do a check in, with kindness. Grab your list….(or lists if you’re a dork like me) and just see where you’re at. NO JUDGEMENT.

  1. Be engaged with people. I’m still actively working on this. YAY! Something I’ve remember from a teaching somewhere, was to focus on one thing at a time. That has been really helpful in this regard. 
  2. See others through a lens of compassion. Winning. I’ve made improvement in this arena. I was recently able to view a person I’d only seen negatively with compassion. I could see how they might have felt hurt while at the same time, I used that same compassion on myself and was able to see the situation entirely different for both of us, without blame for either party. And I have even been able to see other situations with compassion where before I would have just felt fear and angst. Compassion for others makes those gross, tricky situations we often find ourselves in way easier to deal with because you can be honest with an open, clear, caring heart.
  3. Foster more loving relationship with self, for self. I’m finding this one to be a challenge. It requires constant vigilance. It’s very easy to put oneself on the back-burner. I’m finding it slightly helpful to notice every act of self-love but I really feel like I’m doing the bare minimum. This is OK! I still find I’m benefitting from even this wee bit. I am way more confident and unwilling to put up with any bullshit in my life. As in, I put a stop to things I don’t like and take myself out of bad situations more and more. I don’t think this one has an end point besides death, so maybe having to constantly be aware and learning and growing isn’t a bad thing!
  4. Realize “I don’t know” I am rockin’ this! I say this at least twenty times a day,without fear or anxiety, or ego.  I LOVE it so much. It just feels good to say and know and admit. There is freedom in “I don’t know”. There is a peace. I love peace.
  5. And “This is” This is all about acceptance. accepting what is going on in any given moment. I don’t think I’m doing too badly with this one..but I do feel like I struggle. There is still resistance from time to time. With everything from the weather, to where I live, to having to work and minding what I eat. I find I still have wee soul tantrums but I’m improving.
  6. Realize self and others do not feed “fixing” I feel this one directly relates to “this is” and you know, I’m improving here too. Especially when it comes to my husband. He appreciates this, I’m sure and I think its even been helpful to him for I find he is way more willing to do new things. He’s not so stuck within all those traits I feel need fixing, defiantly. Weird!
  7. Discipline in self. whatever the fuck that means, ha! I find I’m better at being consistent and keeping my promises to myself. Every day I set intentions and I’ve been better at keeping them more and more. I notice I just feel better, when I do what I’ve set out to do. So I keep my intentions and expectations small and attainable and then rock the hell out of them. 
  8. Push past barriers of self-doubt. Yaaaaaaassss! Doing this! When I was first thinking about a career change, I had so many doubts and fears. Then I realized by freaking out about it all, I was basically betting against myself. Fuck that! So now while I still have no clue what’s up next, I know, whatever it is, I will excel at because past experience has shown me, I excel at mostly everything I do. And when I don’t ,I at least learn something valuable, which in turn goes toward helping me excel the next time. Win-win.


  1. Clean kitchen shelf. Done!
  2. Clean art room Done x 2. A perpetual mess!
  3. More Farmer’s Markets. Nope. This one makes me sad. But I’ve got 9 and a half months to get on it. 
  4. More bike rides The weather has dictated this one, and its a nope.
  5. More work outs. Yep! I’m doing better here, making sure I at least walk on the weekends instead of slothing about.
  6. More clothes-I dress like a slob. Do concert shirts count? How about tourist shirts?? This one is still a nah.
  7. Learn one song on the Uke. Nope. And I’m sad about it.
  8. Paint over a Paint Night canvass I dislike Done! And I’m painting over it again because I wrecked the last attempt by being a perfectionist. I shall overcome!
  9. More meditation. Kicking ASS and taking names! I broke my streak with a three-day slack off BUT I hopped right back on and didn’t miss a beat. 
  10. More Yoga. Not yet. But it’s still in my awareness. I need to stretch this body out…
  11. More laughter. Yes but this one is ongoing, one always needs more laughter.
  12. More vegetables. Yeppers! So well that sometimes, my stomach complains.
  13. More water. inconsistent still. Some days are better than others.
  14. More libraries. A slight yes. I’ve been to one more extra…a work in progress…
  15. More check ins/listening to self. Yes! I excel at this. It is SO helpful. Sometimes I forget when I;m really busy so there is still room for improvement but not by much

All in all, I’m happy and proud of myself and the progress I’ve made. How about you? Are you still with me? More importantly, are you still with you? I hope so. Even if you do just one thing, that’s enough to set yourself up for future successes, whatever you want them to be.


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