Book Update-March 2018

After a long reading drought, my goal for this year was to read twelve books.

I figured a book a month was doable, in my current mental state and even if I slipped back into trauma land, I’d at least read my book club books so hitting the target would be impossible. You can read all about the whole process here.

Well. March 1, 2018 today and I’ve read all twelve books.

HA! Suck it, depression and anxiety!


Its been the coolest thing. I just started reading, books from my list and books I’ve come across, and it seems I can’t stop. Just like before. Just like when my brain was healthy and I hadn’t suffered any trauma.

I’m so proud of myself. This is huge! This means my brain is healing. Fuck Yeah!

All my *heart work is paying off.

Here are my Twelve:

Out of the twelve my least favourites are: The Little Book Of Lykke. – It was just OK. Unbeatable Mind-OMG, the Bro-ing! Deadmonton- It was boring. Family Tree-Just bad. Sugary sweet and predictable. Freedom-Simple. My Lovely Wife In The Psych Ward-Frustrating and aggravating.

My favourites are: The Art Of Communicating-Excellent handbook to not being an asshole! Practical Magic-A fun, bright delight full of positivity and empowerment. Same goes for its companion-The Rules Of Magic. Love Hurts-An excellent reminder of the impermanence of all things, in such a caring, authentic, sincere and relatable tone. The Light Between Oceans-ripped my fucking heart out and made me feel so many things. Positive and negative. Love it for that! Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet-A sweet, endearing story.

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

*Obviously that should be “hard work” but you know…I like “heart work” too. I did indeed do heart work along with all the hard work!

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