Love Yourself First-Check Ins

I’ve written about this before but I want to include it in this series because I think it’s so important.

Check Ins.

What are Check Ins?

Well, every once in a while throughout your day, or as needed in times of stress and especially in times of distress, take some time to be with yourself. Check in with your self.  This is an act of pure love AND it has the added benefit of getting you in tune with all sort of subtleties about your favourite person-you! The act of checking in shows you that you care about yourself and enables you to move through your world with greater awareness. As such, you’ll find yourself feeling much more confident and secure, ready to take on anything and able to appreciate all the good stuff too, rather than just float through the day blindly.

What does this look like?

As an everyday occurrence for me, I check in with myself at set times. Upon waking, upon bed, during transitions-going to work, going home from work, attending a gathering. You get the idea. I also do it if I notice any sort of strong emotion in my body and I try, try,try to do it if I notice I’m “in a state”. This is challenging! But doable. And of course, I get better as time marches on. And you will too!

What do I do?

  1. I stop whatever I’m doing and go within, announcing to myself “check in time!” Sometimes I’ll even say a simple, “Hey, what’s up?” Seems silly but it really creates a break in whatever I happen to be doing. Makes it seem like a special occasion.
  2. I take a breath and just notice what’s there. Is there anxiety, fear or tension? Am I feeling content, joyful, excited ? I tend to get excitement and anxiety mixed up so its good to properly identify what I’m feeling.
  3. If the feeling is a positive one, I make note of it, savour it, express gratitude and go back to whatever I was doing before. If the feeling is a negative one…
  4. I do pretty much the same thing. It can be tempting to let the negative feeling drawn you down with its stories. If you have an anxiety disorder, you don’t want to do this! But the feeling needs to be felt, acknowledged and then set aside for what’s going on in the NOW. In real life. Not what’s going on in your head. Your head, your thoughts are not real life. They are just…thoughts! I know right? Who knew?! So I’ll identify that I’m feeling something negative, allow the feeling to just be and then carry on. If it keeps coming back then I…4b. Have a word with myself. That’s another post though, as it deserves its own special focus.


If any of this resonates with you or is appealing, I encourage you to take time for Check Ins but make them your own. These things need to tailor-made to ourselves in order to be effective. And if you have your own version of a Check In, please share!

In love and light, Lael

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