Love Yourself First-Don’t Be Your Own Bully!

Remember my goal to stretch my meditation streak out to sixty days?


I failed!

I got to fifty-nine days and then went to Las Vegas, ha!

Did I beat myself up about that though?

Hell NO!

#1. I found it kind of funny. Of course I got to 59 days only to slack off for 3 days. Of course I did. This is my thing. I failed my GED test by 1 point too. In my least favourite subject, math so I wasn’t all that surprised by this.

#2. I was way too busy having fun with my man. It’s not like I was remembering I had to mediate and yelling “fuck you!” at the app in defiance.  I was enjoying my husband, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I forgot.

#3. I remembered that in the whole grand scheme of things, when one is working on a goal, missing a few days isn’t going to have that much of a negative effect on the outcome. As soon as I remembered, I meditated. Yesterday, I did it twice. There has been no loss in any of the benefits of sitting.

#4. Never, ever, EVER in the history of being Lael, has being an asshole to me helped me obtain my goal.

Which brings me to this; part of loving yourself first is making sure YOU are being kind to YOU.

How do you talk to yourself? What does that voice in your head say to you when you make a mistake? What does it sound like?

Take a listen and then decide if you’re being kind or being mean and take appropriate measures to kick any assholes out of your head!

Don’t be your own bully. We have far to many of those out there in the world as it is.

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