The hubs and I went to the motorcycle show this past weekend and as such there were some silly photos taken.


A friend commented on one of my photos and was very complimentary, asking me what my secret was. She`s such a doll!

Now usually my favourite way to respond is this: I’ll say something cute, silly or trite, thank the person and move on. This is an improvement from when I used to protest compliments and its especially an improvement from the days when I used to think my friends were lying to me or making fun of me. (Yes, I was that bad)

This time though, I paused.

I paused and gave her question some thought.

What was I doing to look so good? 

Nothing immediately came to mind. I wasn’t doing anything, really. I was just being me as she suggested, living my life, loved by my friends, family husband and…myself.

That’s when it hit me.

I was just well-loved.

Plain and simple. By everyone in my life.

My friends and family have always loved me and while I may not have always believed them, their love has been the magic balm. I swear, they’ve loved me so tight it squished all my broken pieces back together!

And then there is my man.  My husband and I have found each other again and he is an attentive, considerate, affectionate, respectful partner. We enjoy an amazingly different and fun, loving relationship now.

And for the first time, in any real or consistent way, I love me. Not only do I love me but I also make it my first priority, to love myself actively, every single day.

I am well-loved, by ALL the important people in my life. No wonder I wear a smile. No wonder I shine from within.

Love is magic!

While I’m not so naïve to think that love can cure-all, I do know it is a powerful force. People talk about that all the time but to see it in action…to feel it in one’s life really brings the truth home.

It makes me want to love people that much fiercer. It may never happen but can you imagine? If one day, every person who didn’t believe they were worthy of love, fell in love with themselves? Just think of the people in your life who need their own love so badly. Keep on showing your love. For everyone and everything. I really think, as cliché as this sounds, the world needs that, especially now.

How do you show your love to the people in your life?





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