You Made It!

You made it through 2017.

We made it!

The ones of us that are left.

Are you happy to be here? Are you relieved? Are you surprised?

I’m not sure what I am just yet.

I struggled through December, wanting to rush, rush, rush. To just get it over with. I liken my feelings to same ones I get when I’ve been stuck on an airplane for 8 fucking hours. I’m fine for the majority of the flight but toward the end I’m desperate to be OFF and the only thing stopping me from clawing at the doors is ego and pride. I don’t want to be THAT person. This past month has just like that!

And here I am, with all of you.

Surprised, actually. I’m surprised that I’m in the positive state I’m in. I’m not the emotional wreck I once was. I’m more myself than I ever was…so that’s something! A victory of sorts.

2017 was a year unlike any other, for me. I experienced a completely different way of being. My entire life was topsy-turvy as I tried to navigate that, so to say I learned some new skills would be an understatement. I was definitely more engaged with flow. Somewhere during the year, I stopped struggling and just let myself get swept away.

THAT was hard! But once I got used to the feeling of being constantly unsettled, it got easier. I can sometimes get curious about the unknown now, instead of fearful.

Some of my biggest lessons and realizations?

  1. Your relationship with your own damn self, is the most important relationship in your life. No exceptions.
  2. Seeking help from a professional is so empowering and enlightening. It’s a huge power boost.
  3. You have all the knowledge, power, information, wisdom, peace and clarity you need, inside you, already. It’s all there waiting for you to access it. You are more than you think you are. We are ALL capable of greatness. At any stage in our lives.
  4. Practicing mindfulness in EVERYTHING is EVERYTHING. Meditate. Any way you like, any time you can.
  5. This is.


How about you? What have you learned in 2017?

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