Book List 2018

I am one of the facilitators of the This is NOT a Book Club-book club. Created on a whim one Lune day, we are four members strong, usually.  We meet once a month to eat and drink and discuss whatever book we’ve got going at the moment. Its a pretty loose gang of yahoos but, it gets us out of the house, gets us out with other people and encourages us to feed our brain with words.

I love words! I love books! I’ve been a lover since first decoding Toad and Frog books as a five year old.  Sadly, ever since my big heartbreak last year, I find my reading has really fallen by the wayside!

I read, maybe…oh one and a half books a month! This is awful, considering I once polished off 150 books in a year. I have such fond memories of sinking down into my chair and sinking down even further into one delicious book after another. For hours at a time. For days on end.

Ahh, good times!

I have no real excuse as I only work part time…don’t have kids in my home…have a partner who does his fair share of the work. I think I’ve replaced reading with painting, meditation and exercise. All vital, important things to be sure but still…there has to be room for reading too!

Because a life without reading is a lame life indeed.

But enough whining! At the helpful suggestion of Kristilyn over at Reading in Winter, I​’ve come up with a list of books I want to read in 2018. I`ve selected twelve books that I’m pretty excited about because…lets face it, twelve books is going to be a challenge for this slacker! I need these books to really call to me, and they do!

Have a peek!

Faster Than Normal Dr. Peter Shankman


I saw this guy on my local morning news show. He was really engaging and I could relate to a lot of what he said. Both my kids have race car brains and I have my moments too. I’m hoping to pick up some good tips.

The World’s Most Travelled Man Mike Spencer Bown


I also saw this guy on my local news show! He was really interesting, had some cool stories and well…travelling. Travelling is my jam.

Unbeatable Mind Mark Divine


I came across this book on a mental health forum. I was searching for tips to deal with relentless anxiety and, someone had said this book was excellent because it helped him train his mind. Ok. Sounds good to me!

Beautiful Scars Tom Wilson


I was struck by two things: 1. Tom Wilson is a beautiful man in appearance. 2. He speaks so well and I just knew I wanted to read what be had to say.

Deadmonton Pamela Roth


I live in Edmonton and have never felt unsafe here. Yet a place doesn’t get the moniker Deadmonton for nothing! I feel its my duty as a citizen to read this book, to bear witness to what goes on here.

The Light Between Oceans M.L Stedman


My friend and co-book club creator wants me to read this one. So, read this one I shall!

Present Over Perfect SHauna Niequist


I am a recovering perfectionist. So much so that I have a tattoo that reminds me to calm my shit, on my forearm. (For the record, it doesn’t help all that much but it was vital to my well being all the same) ANYway, I need all the help I can get. Here’s hoping!

Braving the Wilderness Brene Brown


I just love this woman! I’d read her grocery list. She`s a valuable teacher and OF COURSE I have to read this book.

Juliet`s Answer Glenn Dixon


I heard about this book a long time ago. I just think its a neat premise. He suffers a break up , travels to the home town of Juliet and volunteers to answer letters people write addressed to her, regarding their own heart ache. Neat, huh? I also think it’d be interesting to read about heartbreak from a man’s point of view.

Astrophysics for People In A Hurry Neil DeGrasse Tyson


I can kind of understand astrophysics…I’m hoping this book ups that a bit more.

Feeding My Mother Jann Arden


Jann Arden is such a good writer. She’s funny and real and so open. I like her bunches. I feel like reading this book, would be like reading a book your friend wrote. Plus, if you’ve been following her journey with her Mum on social media… you’ll know why I want to read more about both of these remarkable women.

The Mind Body Code Dr. Mario Martinez


I started to read this book a few years ago but it was at a time where, hilariously enough, my brain was being an asshole and I wasn’t able to properly digest the message. I vowed that I would try again so here I am.






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