Purple Power


Well, this bunch didn’t last long!

They were full and lush one day and the next, sparse, dry and browning. Those leaves really make a difference.

A neat thing happened. I walked past them and one side just keeled over. I watched them bend at the stem and seemingly shake all the flowers on the far side, off. It was really fucking cool! I don’t think I’ve ever been aware enough to notice something like that. And regardless of why the stem bent over, I instantly felt a connection to them as a living and dying being. I feel like I’ve expanded a bit…if that makes any sense!

Strangely enough, these ones were easy to toss in the compost bin. I had my moment with them but it wasn’t hard to let them go. Interesting!

Here is the new batch. I seem to be attracted to the colour purple these days.

I think these ones are going to be here awhile. They’re a type of Mum and wow are they ever sturdy! Like always, time will tell.




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