Rapid Decline

WOW! Are these things ever giving me a show!

I didn’t even get a chance to add more water because by the time the water level went down they were already flopped over.

I love how quick they went! I took these photos last week.

Here they are just yesterday:

D.E.A.D. The colours are just gorgeous though! I was so struck by that. Even the green water is pretty, in a moldy sort of way.

Here they are glossed up, ala my editing program:

Works of art!

I’ve still got them kicking around here but clearly they are done.

Its most curious. I don’t want to compost them! I find myself wanting to hang on to them a little bit longer.

Not unlike everything else in my life that I love. Funny that. Graspy McGrasperson.

Does this mean I`d be one of those people who keeps their dead spouse rotting away in their home instead of calling the powers that be? Hmmmm, something to think about!

I was expecting to toss `em so I’ve picked out a new batch. Meet these lush babies:


Stay tuned for their demise.

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