Three Things

I want to formally say “Hello, Welcome and THANK YOU”, to my followers and those of you who like my posts as they happen upon my words. I appreciate you AND its most excellent to meet you.

So who is the broad? Ha! I don`t even really know. I am an ever-changing being who once had a thing for handkerchief hats.


So with respect to the nature of impermanence, and in the interest of getting to know one another better, here are three things that have mostly remained constant with me.

1.I’m an animal nut. I’ve always got some sort of zoo going on. Currently, I have two dogs and two cats. I’m trying to convince the Hubs to get me a Budgie for Christmas. My dream animal-aside from all my other dream animals-is a Raven. I don’t see that actually happening anytime soon though..I’m just not cool with keeping wild animals as pets, no matter how tempting.

I almost had my hands on a Raven once. We were living in the Cariboo, BC and whilst idly looking out my window into the woods, I noticed something rolling and flopping down the hill. A Raven! I was delighted because even though it was obviously hurt and needed care…I , Raven lover extraordinaire was going to be the one to do it!

My chance. Finally.


By the time I got up to it, seconds later, I found my Raven, dead.

I admit it, I laughed. I was sad for the Raven of course, but saw the whole thing as a cosmic joke. And when the universe plays a joke on you, you gotta laugh!

I love all creatures, even the gross yucky ones that scare me and creep me out. I once wrestled with myself over the saving of a gigantic worm. He was going to die, out there on the sidewalk but I just couldn’t bring myself to go and pick him up. I mean I was in tears with the struggle between anxiety and concern! I’d try to go out there but my damn reptile brain kept pulling me back. I was just pulling on my husband’s heavy work gloves when, a very kind, very brave man noticed him too and put him back in the grass.

Thank you kind stranger! You saved the worm and you saved me too. *shudder That would have been so gross.


2. I love to read. My mum took me to the library often as a young child, and I can remember before money got tight, trips to the book store where she introduced me to The Little House Series and Anne of Green Gables. Reading has saved me more than once, educated me continuously and books have been my friends when humans have not. I knew I could always count on any given book, any time I needed it.

Just last year, a friend and I started our own book club! I am so proud of that. Actually, before I got as mentally healthy as I am now, the very first time I ever went out and joined something by myself was to join a book club at a local library.

3. I’m a big old nature nut. I love being outdoors, in the wild. I hug trees, lie smack dab in the middle of wherever when the moment strikes me, stare out at the beauty of it all for fun, calm and peace. I could sit, in nature and watch life go by for hours and hours and hours and never be bored. So long as slugs and worms weren’t crawling on me that is, ha! Then, I be freaking! Mostly though, I am just content to be outside.



Wanna play? Tell me three things about yourself, that haven’t changed much in your life. In our world of the ever-changing, what are your near constant traits?










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