Dead Flowers Part Two

I finally got around to buying some more flowers. When I got them they were already in a state of decline with their floppy heads, falling petals and squishy stems. But I loved the colour so home to die with me, is where they came anyway.


Once I got them into some water they perked right up. I’m always so amazed by that. Here we`ve got something that’s going to be dead soon anyway but with a little bit of care, they still go on and on.

Until they don’t.

The other thing that always amazes me is that no matter what I do, these flowers are still going to turn brown, shrivel up and turn to dusty flakes. I can only hold if off for so long.

The urge to do so is STRONG! They are gorgeous and bright and cheery. I want them to last until I grow tired of them-Which as we saw last time takes about four weeks. BUT the whole point of these flowers is to actively acknowledge death so I wont be doing anything too heroic.

I was going to just leave them but that seems like a waste of money and if I want to continue buying flowers w/o my husbands evil eye Ive got to at least try to make them last a wee bit longer . So I’m going to top up their water twice but that’s it.

I think that’s a good compromise. And hey, its my practice so really I can do whatever I want. Ha!

I bought these guys on Saturday Nov 11. Ill give them their first water top up tomorrow-Nov 15 and we`ll see how they die from here.


2 thoughts on “Dead Flowers Part Two

  1. Composting continues the life cycle. Your words are your wand. Perhaps instead of stopping short on the death of things you might instead see beyond to the qualities of everlasting life. I am not being religious…just observing life cycles.

    Gardening has brought this to the forefront for me. I enjoy a flower from bud to bloom and then it becomes part of my compost which feeds the soil to make other flowers bloom — a process repeated again and again and again. The result may not appear in the exact same form but it is life and the energy is there…

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    1. You speak my language. 🙂 I love this especially-Your words are your wand- That so resonates!
      I have always know these truths and held them dear. I’m a gardener too and you’re so right! Gardening really makes one aware of the nature of life. My goal with this practice is to be savage with myself because I tend to skip over the death part-as it makes me uncomfortable-and head straight to safety and beauty of how all things begin anew in some other form. I am, in essence smashing myself over the head with it until I ‘get it’ good, until the day when I just sort of nod with immediate acceptance of whatever death I’ve experienced and then move on with whatever else is there. Or at least only freak out and grasp for less than a year, ha ha.


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