Long Lived & Annoying

still have that bunch of flowers I purchased way, way back at the end of September.

I’m a little concerned that they’re still kicking. Are they mutant?! What exactly did I buy?

They won’t die! Mind you they have changed. I’ve gone from one vase to two and I`m culling the brownest bits. So they are dying. Slooooowly. Other than that and changing their water and trimming their ends, I’m not doing anything special to them. And they aren`t doing anything special to me. Except irritate me.

(Being irritated seems to be a theme in my life. Hmmmmm)

Behold, their transformation:

From this…


To this…


To where we are today:


I started this project with the intention that I would watch them die as an exercise in impermanence. And yet here I am, helping them survive longer with the water changes and the trims, because I WANT THEM TO LAST.

I’m still trying to make them into something. I’m still wanting them to be pretty. I’m still refusing to see them as they are. And then I’m annoyed that they’re taking too long to die.

I, my friends, am a delusional asshole. But hey, at least I’m consistent in my delusions. Still grasping at things that are impermanent. Just one of my jams.

All is not lost! I shall try again. These suckers are going in the compost and I’ll buy a new bunch on the weekend.

This next batch are going to sit their stems in a vase, with zero water changes. Or top ups. (Ugh, I can already feel the anxiety building) and we’ll see how that goes!



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